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We're getting closer to opening! - February 20, 2020

During the month of February, we received book shelves and furniture for the first floor, and the remainder of the furniture in the public spaces in the lower level. While that sounds simple to say, it is truly momentus, as we are progressing ever closer to opening day in March! As stated before, the upper level will house our collections and internet computers, as well as the main Help Desk and other business services. The lower level is primarily meeting space. There will be three study rooms, as well as comfy lounging space and vending (all pictured below). We can't wait to open the doors and welcome you in!


Keisha Hester
Executive Director

Study rooms

Lounge seating



Latest on the construction project - January 9, 2020

The hammer and nails portion of this construction project began in earnest in March 2018. The plan was to be complete by March 2019. As we know, plans can change, and in our case, they have changed several times. We are now approaching March 2020 and we are still under construction.

From the time we broke ground almost two years ago, we have encountered significant issues in bringing the structure up to current code. Sure, we anticipated some of it, but if you have ever done a remodeling project, you know that you don't know what's behind the wall until you open it up. These unexpected issues have caused the completion date to creep forward slowly. So March 2019 turned into April 2019. April into June. And the summer of 2019 into the winter of 2020.

The most significant issues occurred, however, when the original contractors, Poulos Construction, defaulted on the job. This meant they could not remain on the contract to complete our project. Our bond (insurance) issuer opted to bring in Vertex instead, and the process of getting them on board and up to speed took up many more critical months of the 2019 summer. Months where no work could be performed.

As we've gotten back on track, right now we are working to get the HVAC system up and running. This is what prevented us from opening to the public this past October. While this is being resolved, the first floor is being renovated. And if you've driven by recently, you'll see that the front is pretty much complete. 

We have made the decision to remain closed until the project is complete, as the completion date is just around the corner! In the meantime, we have enacted telephone support hours from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. You can call us to get information about your library card, arrange for curbside pickup of materials, and have your reference and information requests answered. Very soon, we will also have the bookdrop open to facilitate material returns. Stay tuned for more info!

Again, we sincerely appreciate your patience, support and understanding during this time. We are so excited to be bringing the community a modern library. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Keisha Hester
Executive Director



We're getting close to the picture above!