Decks & Dice Game Days

  Interested in playing challenging and fun board and card games? These are not the games you played as a kid. We will talk face-to-face! On the Forbidden Island, work together as a team to save the artifacts before the island sinks. Become the most prestigious merchant in the land in Splendor. Be the monster to destroy the city and become the King of Tokyo. Assemble the best team of fighters to strike at a dragon in Dragonwood. After the apocalypse, become the new Leaders of Euphoria. Have an Extraordinary Adventure playing Pirates and sail the sea in your ships to plunder loot. A variety of games will be available. No experience is needed, open to both experienced and newbies. | In-person Program

  • Start Date: 14th May 2022
  • Start Time: 1:00 PM
  • End Date: 14th May 2022
  • End Time: 3:00 PM